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Market Monday - Vol. 43


Lot 4 River Rock Acres, Oakland, MD 21550

875 feet of Youghiogheny Riverfront land over 13.12 acres! This is a dream come true, an absolutely amazing piece of property for your dream home or just a place to camp and enjoy nature. If you are thinking of building a riverfront home, this is the spot with an approved 5 bedroom perc!

You won't find a better value! Right down the road from Swallow Falls State Park, Herrington Manner State Park, and Garrett Forest. A short distance to the flourishing downtown area of Oakland, MD and about 10 minutes to Deep Creek Lake!

Interested in learning more about selling your Garrett County, Maryland Home?

Email by clicking here Call C: 410-487-4914 // O: 301-397-4700

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Market Monday Stats

🏡 February 24, 2020 - March 2, 2020 🏡

  • Garrett County Homes For Sale 297 Residential Properties on the Market

  • 12 New Homes Listed

  • 9 Homes Sold

  • 7 Homes were Withdrawn, Cancelled, or Expired from the market

  • 2 More Homes are now pending settlement

  • The average close price of homes that sold last week was $348,933

  • The homes that sold last week got an average of 89.2% of their list price

  • The homes that sold last week were on the market for 125 average days


Lake. Life. Love.

We woke up to winter on Thursday morning and we enjoyed continuous snowfall until late Saturday. This was perfect since we had friends in town who were looking forward to getting some skiing in. Mission accomplished! On Friday, my newest assistant and I got my monthly mailing finished, keep an eye on your mailboxes! Saturday we got to reconnect with great friends for a pizza party with DELICIOUS eats from Deep Creek Pizza. Sunday was all about the snow and sunshine. Check out our igloo! Whatever you did to get through our snowy weekend, I hope it was full of love and fun!


Tip of the week

Is Tiny Living For You?

As conservative lifestyles and living ‘small’ becomes more and more popular, tiny homes and other downsized living have become a normal choice in the home buying process. If you have considered tiny home living, you may need to ask yourself a few questions before taking the leap. Here are 6 questions to check off before going “tiny”!

1. Can you build it?

Smaller homes offer different challenges than building a full home, and you need to consider those differences before taking on the build yourself.

2. Do you have $20,000?

If you don’t have or can’t easily get $20K, you may need to put the tiny dream on hold. Tiny homes typically require an upfront cost.

3. Can you wait for the build?

They usually take a year or two from start to finish, so it is important to keep in mind you will need somewhere to stay.

4. Will you have enough room?

While this seems like an obvious question, sometimes tiny home buyers don’t realize just how small the space will be. If you can live in the space of a one car garage, you will be fine.

5. Where will you park it?

Do you have land to put the home on?

This is a key step in your planning process.

6. Will you have a bathroom?

Some tiny homes have running water capabilities, some do not. This is also a key choice to make if you are building your tiny home.

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