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Deep Creek Lake Friday 5 - VOL. 2

Every week I cover my 5 favorite events, announcements, new businesses, and fun from around the Deep Creek Lake Area and Garrett County, Maryland!

1. Deep Creek Pottery

Deep Creek Pottery got a great shout out in my FB group this week. They’re an awesome indoor activity at Deep Creek Lake. They’re located at 662 Laurel Ridge Road, McHenry. Deep Creek Pottery, owned and operated by Lorie and Ron Skidmore. They specialize in wheel-thrown functional and decorative pottery with different firing ranges which include wood-firing, gas firing and electric firing. This weekend, they’re open today, tomorrow, and even Sunday from 11-3. Stop in to pick up mosaic kits, pottery for sale, take & make kits for painting your own mugs, birdhouses, and other amazing creations! Check them out online:

2. The Garrett County Historical Society

The Garrett County Historical society shared some really cool vintage vacation guides with us this week! The guides from 1957 and 1958 shared about a bunch of really cool businesses that are no longer here. I love the chance to learn about the Garrett County past. The museums in downtown Oakland are fantastic and a great way to check out our history. If you’re into local history and want to see more, you can join the Garrett County Historical Society! Just $25 per year and you get 4 issues of the Glades Star publication. There are online and mail-in options for joining here: Do you have a great story about the lake or the area? Don't let it fade away! They're seeking contributors to the Glades Star, so share your stories and pictures! Don't feel like you're a good writer? That's OK, they've got a member who has volunteered to ghost write articles if supplied with some source material! Contact Chris Nichols to submit your ideas!

3. The Dove Center

The Dove Center has opened their transitional housing units this week! The Dove Center provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including shelter, hotline, counseling, advocacy, and accompaniment. The transitional housing project has been a long time in the making, yesterday, the first families moved in and the DC is on their way to helping more and more families overcome trauma and abuse. If you feel so moved, there are MANY ways to support the important work of the DC. There are opportunities to volunteer, helping at fundraisers as they arise throughout the year. There are Court Watch and Shelter/Help-line coverage, plus specialized opportunities: if you have a specialized skill that could benefit shelter clients, we would love for you to share it. Examples include cooking skills, resume writing, job interview preparation, yoga or exercise, children’s activities, etc. Learn more about the organization and how you can help by clicking here:

4. The Mountain Fresh Farmers Market

The first outdoor market is tomorrow from 10-1 at the Mountain Fresh Pavilion in downtown Oakland, MD. If you don’t know how to find this, reach out, I can help! Stop by and check out all of the amazing goodies including veggies, potatoes, breads, pies, easter candy, local meats, crafts, even skin care! Click here to see the full list of which farms will be bring items and learn about the market.

While visiting the market, PLEASE be respectful:

Please wear your mask both indoors and outdoors.

Do not touch products on the tables.

Do not set your reusable bags on vendors' tables.

Please keep spacing to at least 6 feet from other customers and vendors when possible.

Some vendors will set up outside, some inside, to help with distancing.

5. This Week in Real Estate

You know I can't get through 5 of my favorite things without talking about the real estate market in Garrett County! In the past 7 days, 25 residential listings hit the market in Garrett County, Maryland. 19 of them are still available, while the rest are now pending sale. In total, there are currently 90 homes on the market in all of Garrett County, 36 of them in the Deep Creek Lake area! Interested in ANY homes, land, or commercial property in ANY part of Garrett County?? Give me a call, shoot me a text, send me a message in a bottle today!


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