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10 Staging Tips To Get Your Home Sold Ready to sell your Garrett County or Deep Creek Lake home? Here are a few staging tips to get your home prepared for the market. When listing a home that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, you want to make sure it's presented in the best light. You wouldn't buy a $20,000 dollar car if it was filled from top to bottom in someone's personal content and trash. This is the same mindset you need to carry into selling your home that will be worth well over a $100,000. Check out the suggestions and tips below. I'm happy to provide even more ideas for your home and help you execute these tasks! 1. SAY BYE TO CLUTTER The best thing you can do

Small Business Spotlight - HABco

Have it at HABco! Near the end of my 50+ minute conversation with friends, collaborators, and small business owners Jessica Fike and Sarah Myers, Jessica excitedly exclaimed "Have it at HABco!" And that's exactly what they want you to do. The founders of new Garrett County small business, HABco are ready to welcome you! If you need a spot for an event, a meeting (large or small), a quiet workspace, an educational experience, or anything else you can imagine, you can have it-at HABco. BORN IN THE RAIN HABco was born in September 2017 when 2 Garrett County, Maryland business owners (photographer Jessica Fike and marketer/serial entrepreneur Sarah Myers) found themselves locked in conversation

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