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31 Days of the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Market - January 2018

January 2018 was an awesome month for the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market!


➡️ 9 homes sold

➡️ 12 homes listed

➡️ 11 contracts written


Perhaps the most important thing to note about the current real estate climate at Deep Creek Lake and nationwide, is the low inventory. Inventory has been lessening for most of a year now. Meanwhile, I get calls from buyers nearly everyday looking for full-time and second homes in our area. Low inventory has an interesting affect on both buyers and sellers. For sellers, it means less competition. For buyers, it means a sense of urgency. We have seen fewer days on market, and even some increase in price as things become more competitive.

Have you been thinking about selling? Now is probably the time! My next blog post will be about a property I listed just 8 days ago. It is a great example of how things are taking off quickly in this climate. Stay tuned! 

Check out the market stats below. I’m here to answer any real estate questions you have, no pressure, just help! 

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