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Recipe of the Week - Pesto Portobello Quesadillas

Around the Deep Creek Lake area, we're blessed with a fantastic butcher shop in Working H Meats, and a couple of decent grocery stores that have nice meat departments. So it's rare that our meals are meatless, but this week I was inclined to give it a try. I've always loved the texture and taste of portobello mushrooms, so those were a no-brainer go-to when intentionally preparing a meatless meal.

So off I go to the grocery store to retrieve my ingredients. NO PORTOBELLO CAPS... Insert sad face emoji. But they did have some nice baby bello mushrooms, they were great in a pinch.

Quesadillas are, in my humble opinion, the best thing to ever happened to leftovers. You can put pretty much anything into a flour tortilla, melt some cheese around it, and say "BAM! Dinner!" They're quick, easy, and satisfying. They're one pan wonders, clean up is easy, family is happy.

Speaking pans... I have a favorite. Do you? My favorite pan has been part of my collection for about 13 years. It was given to me by a delightful former boss who I worked with in a kitchen at the Oakland Country Club. Kelly Feller. She's a special lady who makes the most delicious chicken salad in the whole entire world.




















So in addition to a pesto base and baby bello mushrooms, I added red onion, spinach, tomato, and a blend of cheeses to this fabulously simple supper. What would you put into your Monday quesadilla??


Serves 2

2 Flour Tortilla Shells

4 Tablespoons pesto (I used the Classico brand traditional basil pesto)

2 sliced and sautéed portobello mushrooms caps (or 1 container of baby bello mushrooms sliced)

2 handfulls of spinach

1/2 of a red onion, julienned

5 cherry tomatoes sliced

4 slices of smoky provolone cheese

1/2 a cup shredded mozzarella

1/2 a cup of marinara for dipping

Turn your favorite burner to medium heat and place 1 tortilla into your favorite large, heavy bottom, pan and spread 1 tablespoon of pesto across it. Cut or tear the sliced provolone in half and place 4 halves around the tortilla. Layer in the rest of the veggies, sprinkle on the mozzarella, and cover for about 3 minutes to melt the cheese. Check the bottom of the tortilla to make sure it has that nice light brown color. Then, use a spatula to fold the quesadilla in half and remove to cutting board. Let the quesadilla cool a bit before slicing it into 4 pieces. Serve with a nice, herby marinara for dipping! Repeat to make one more, for your friend, your partner, your kids, or your lunch tomorrow!

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