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Market Monday - Vol.12

Just Sold!

2160 Green Glade Rd

🎉🏡 CONGRATULATIONS to all in the sale 2160 Green Glade Road ❤️🍾

In April of 2017 I listed a property on Green Glade Road in Swanton, MD. On my way to the listing appointment, I accidentally pulled into the neighbors house instead of the home I was looking for. I met the owner of the neighboring house, talked to him for a bit, gave him my card, and moved on to the house I was looking for. Two years later, that neighbor invited me over for a listing appointment on his home. He had saved my business card for 2 years! He followed my advise and prepared his beautiful home for sale. After one weekend and one showing, we received our first offer and went under contract! Thanks for great work by buyer's agent Dale Carpenter, it was smooth sailing to closing. I am so happy to tell this success story! Check out the video of this fantastic home and give me a call when you're ready for your no pressure market assessment or buyer consultation!

Market Monday Stats

🏡 June 17, 2019 - June 24, 2019

  • 470 Residential Properties on the Market (up 12 from last week)

  • 24 New Homes Listed (up 13 from last week)

  • 7 Homes Sold (down 2 from from last week)

  • 4 Homes were Withdrawn, Cancelled, or Expired from the market (up 3 from last week)

  • 9 More Homes are now pending settlement (down 3 from last week)

  • The average close price of homes that sold last week was $208,329 (up $44,552 from last week)

  • The homes that sold last week got an average of 98% of their list price (up 3% from last week)

  • The homes that sold last week were on the market for 113 average days (down 38 days from last week)

Deep Creek Lake Weekend

The sun finally came out after a week of rain in Garrett County! We took full advantage and had an awesome time living that lake life! Friday I finished the work day looking out over the back of our property. Saturday was a great day to work around the house, mowing, cleaning up the flower beds, and relaxing. Sunday was our favorite day of the week, BOAT DAY!

Tip of the week



After living in a home for several years, it can be easy to discover things you may not be crazy about. While some things can be a quick fix, there may be major changes that make you wonder if it is worth the investment. At this point, you're probably asking yourself if you should remodel or just find a new home. As you have probably realized, this isn't always an easy choice. There are many factors that go into this decision. Here are some things to consider when deciding what will work best for you.

1. Determine which is more cost-friendly

While both options will have costs, one will have more than the other depending on your situation. Some of the costs of selling include agent commissions, moving costs, minor repairs, the costs of a new home, and potential up-sizing costs. The costs of remodeling can include permits, architectural plans, materials and labor, and any other additional costs incurred in the process.

2. Look into the current housing market

Depending on whether your local real estate market is hot, it might make more sense to just sell if houses are selling quickly around you. By talking to a real estate agent, you can find out what to expect in terms of days on market, average sales price, and other important factors when it comes to selling a home.

3. Decide if your roots are deep

Is your home more than just a home to you? If you and your family are actively involved in the community, remodeling may work best for you. On the flip side, if there are better schooling or job opportunities in a different neighborhood, or you already spend hours a day traveling to those locations, selling may be a better option.

4. Decide if a renovation can solve your problems

Take the time to decide if the problems with your home are fixable. Is it really the house, or do you dislike your neighborhood? Do you have to spend an hour driving one way to work? Do you need a lot more space? If your answer to questions like this make you realize renovations won't solve your problems, consider that it may just be time to put your home on the market.

5. Consider the ROI on your remodel

Calculating your return on investment will help you determine two things - first, if a remodel will cost you less than selling your home. It will also help you determine if you will be able to make your money back on a remodel if you choose to sell in the future. Look into the Cost v. Value Report for the last year, which can guide you on the most and least cost-effective improvements.

If these considerations make you realize it is time to sell your home, give me a call today!

*Information gathered from BrightMLS®️ It is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed

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