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Market Monday

Pray for Snow ❄️

Winter weather has been fickle for us so far at Deep Creek Lake. As I write this, I believe snow is falling for the first time in a week. We've had more than our share of rain, not the precipitation we hope for this time of year... Though finally, it looks like snow is coming to save us and our "Tundra of Maryland" will be restored. (Shoutout to my dear, talented friend, Jessica Fike for coining that term and turning it into a perfect hashtag for our area!)

Now - onto the meat: this week's Real Estate Market Report:

Dec 31/18 - Jan 7/19*:

  • 349 Residential Properties on the Market

  • 14 New Homes Listed

  • 1 Home Sold

  • 29 Homes were Withdrawn, Cancelled, or Expired from the market

  • 4 More Homes are now pending settlement

  • 21550 -Oakland- was the most popular postal code for new listings

  • 4 of the New Listings are water oriented at Deep Creek Lake

We continue to refer to this as a "low-inventory" market. Though it's been the trend for more than two years now. Despite what some may call an inventory shortage, I've been working with buyers who are having no problem finding homes they love! If you've been scrolling through Zillow and you're thinking now might be the time, you're probably right. There are many great reasons to make the jump this winter! Check out a few of them below and add in the fact that right now, the weather is mild and we will have no problem visiting homes.

Here is more information on the Oakland real estate market! Sign up to receive a complimentary, personalized report as often as you'd like! I'll include stats from your Garrett County town, or information on places you've had your eye on.

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