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Deep Creek Lake - The Market Today

Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Market

March brings the Roar

We're days away from the middle of March 2018. We've set our clocks forward one hour and have likely consumed more coffee than we thought possible... (Speaking of my personal experiences, of course) Here at Deep Creek Lake, March truly did come in like a lion, showing us that spring won't spring until she's good and ready. Friday, March 9th we woke up to nearly a foot of fresh powder and continued to receive these blessings throughout the day. Some of the best ski conditions of the year didn't happen until after there was talk that the mountain may be closing. Garrett County is like a box of chocolates...

Looking back to the weeks of February, it was a good month for the real estate market at Deep Creek Lake. It wasn't the killer December we finished 2017 with. But it was steady and has us looking forward to the spring housing market. There were no major changes from Feb '17 to Feb '18. If that is cause to predict the March market, then we're in for a really great couple of weeks and months ahead.

DCL Market Report

February 2018: *some updates have been made since publication of infographic above*

  • 18 New Homes Listed (down 1 from '17)

  • 12 Homes Sold (up 4 from '17)

  • 325 AVG Days on the Market (down 30 from '17)

  • $369,658 AVG Sold Price (down $180,592.00 from '17)

  • 92% List to Close Price (up 4% from '17)

  • 3 Homes came off the market without a successful sale (down 5 from '17)

  • 10 New Contracts were written (down 8 from '17)

  • 21541 - McHenry- was the most popular listing and selling zip code

While inventory remains low, I look for that to increase dramatically in the month of March. In the first 2 weeks of March we've seen 10 new Deep Creek Lake listings. March and April are historically the most popular months to list your home while May is the most popular month for closing. I was speaking with someone yesterday who was very surprised by this statistic. She's thinking of listing her DCL home and was hoping to have a few more months before she really needs to get it out there. I suggested that May is the most popular month for settlements because buyers want to enjoy their first full summer at the lake. Who would want to wait for that??

If you're thinking of listing, call me today. I'm ready to put together a professional, customized plan to get your home sold quickly and painlessly during these peak months! If you're thinking of buying, I'm here for you too! Let's get started developing your profile today so that as these new homes are hitting the market, you don't miss out on your dreams!

Wishing you all a wonderful week - THINK SPRING!

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