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Hi, there! Thanks for checking out this Deep Creek Lake Homes November Market Update. Here we'll analyze the market numbers and discover their effect on home sellers and buyers. These numbers are based on homes with Deep Creek Lake views, access, or lake frontage. Learn the best time to list or buy your DCL home. Find out what you might earn when you sell and what you can expect the you buy. When you're finished checking out the trends, let's talk. I will prepare a free market report and analysis just for the listing of your home! Buying? Let's talk about what's really important to you and I will help you find and purchase the perfect Deep Creek Lake home.

In 2017 DCL Homes Sold for  $63,050 more than 2016 and  $77,159 2015!

Since 2015, the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Market has seen some hopeful upturns! Sellers

are getting more for their properties in a shorter amount of time. Interestingly, we're also

seeing lower inventory, even through the summer and fall months. With fewer options, serious buyers seem to be making better, faster offers on the homes they want. If you have been

thinking about selling your Deep Creek Lake or Garrett County home, now is the time! Buyer's: a consultation is free! What does your dream vacation home look like? Chances are it's out there, let's find it before someone else does.

Trends show us that April is the most popular time to list your home, and May is the month when most Deep Creek Lake homes are sold. This is not to say that there are not benefits to listing during ski season. With less competition and my hard hitting marketing plan on your side, we will work as a team to get your property sold!

If (despite your great chances of selling during ski season) you're still thinking it's best to wait until the spring to sell, consider this... When is the very best time to list your property? You want to be ready when that peak spring selling time rolls around. Well, if you're working with most agents, you'll need to list today (December 4) to settle by May 2018... Deep Creek Lake real estate sales have average of 201 days on the market before closing... Yikes.


Call me to get it done! In 2017 my listings sold in just 65 days and for 94% of listing price. If you want to sell during the peak spring season, you should hit the market with me by the end of January. Let's get together now for a pre-listing consultation, to discuss market trends, and work together to brainstorm staging ideas that position your house from success. I am here to help you achieve your real estate goals, why wait any longer? Call or email anytime: 410-487-4914 or

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